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Earlier on in the month, I was interviewed by Heal’s Reveals, where they “talk about the things that inspire, excite and amaze us, from must-have new design to the latest interiors trends.” Well, it’s great to know I’m a source of inspiration, excitation and amazement! thank you!  Heal’s are doing a brilliant job of promoting my work, it’s such a privilege to be working with people who understand the importance of supporting new talent at the start of their careers.

Anyway, here’s the interview in it’s entirety. Enjoy!

Designer Q&A: Imogen Heath

After specialising in weave at university, Imogen Heath worked as a freelance textile designer for seven years, selling her designs to fashion and interior companies around the world. In early 2011 she decided to release her own collection all of which is printed and stitched in Lancashire. Exhibiting for the first time in July, her vibrant, colourful work soon caught our eye and we asked her to design a range exclusively for Heal’s…

Describe your signature style.
Well, I like to keep it fresh, and at the moment it’s definitely decorative, colourful, and busy.

Can you tell us about your new range for Heal’s?
I love patterns that delight the eye, and my main aim for the Heal’s collection was to create a group of cushions that bring a sense of joy into the home. The four designs are very different takes on a theme, inspired by a very long summer in the French countryside. Each design shows digital print at its best lots of colour, detail, and texture and they look great grouped together on a sofa.

Why do you choose to have your designs made in the UK?
Making everything in the UK supports my aim to build an ethical and sustainable business. There are also some wonderful manufacturers in the UK. There’s no need to look elsewhere.

What do you think of British design in general at the moment?
It’s an exciting time for British design. It is much easier now for designers to get products to market, and designers are really giving it their best to get noticed. You don’t have to look far there are so many talented Brits out there.

Anyone in particular?
Neil Conley’s work is beautiful and thought provoking I’d love to own a collection of his snow globes or oil drum vases. Some humorous handmade ceramics by Yas-Ming Ceramics are also on my wish list. And Liam Treanor is definitely one to watch his furniture is beautifully hand-crafted, simple and functional.

What is your favourite possession?
That’s easy my mother’s paintings and illustrations. They have pride of place on almost every wall in my flat, and that’s not just because she did them, I really love her work.

What do you wish you had in your own home?
My own garden. Almost all of my favourite designs have begun with an outdoor sketch. For me, plantlife + peace and tranquillity = inspiration. Oh, and a jacquard loom one day would be nice.

What can’t you live without?
Inks, hot press-paper, my computer, and The Hype Machine on loud (it’s great for new music).

What can we expect from you in the future?
I’m steadily building on my current range of fabric designs, and I’ll be launching a full collection of fabrics as well as new product at Clerkenwell Design Week in May. I’m also collaborating with furniture designer Liam Treanor this year, providing the upholstery for one of his first sofa designs.

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