01st March 2013

Life has suddenly become quite hectic since we received the news a few weeks ago  that we had to vacate our little flat…. so I am sitting here in my soon to be old studio with boxes all around me and emulsion paint in my hair (from white washing the new place)  … so I hope to be forgiven for neglecting my new blog, before its even really begun!

Anyway, to quickly get something on the blog, I thought I would quickly share a typical email from my mum….I received this a couple of days ago – her emails never fail to cheer me up!

She lives in rural france, and Isaac is the-very-loud-non-stop-talkative-siamese-cat that my mum inherited from my brother when he moved to Australia….I think he drives her a little crazy at times…..:


Isaac & me ;
Isaac:small grumbles at my door
‘Get up,I want to go out’
Later yells & screams:
‘I want to go out’
‘It’s raining,Isaac!’
I open the door, show him; he puts one paw on the step, turns round & sits on the floor.I shut the door…
A few seconds later, yells, screams’I want to go out!’
I hold the door open again.He turns the experience down.
This cat has a memory like a fish!
‘Turn the tap in the sky off God, I want to go out!. He looks meaningfully up at me; hypnotic blue stare.
Eventually I push him out of the bathroom window, rain or not.
Later: I want to come in!’
He’s in and asserts his power by scratching the furniture and doing body percussion in his pooh palace.
‘I’m hungry!’He hides in the pet carrier and eats his breakfast.
Later, noisy purrings on my knee whilst I am trying to eat porage.
A week or so ago, he was ill; cat pneumonia and laryngitis. Not a peep out of him for days…almost like a normal cat.We never thought that we would be so happy to hear our operatic divo sing up again.
It’s porage time, and here he is, on my knee, absolutely drenched, purring like a distant motorbike.
Occasionally he will forgive Tizane for being a dog and stretch out a paw to him as we watch our evening thriller.


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