2012: A year in photos

2012: A year in photos

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I thought a good place to start for my first post in 2013, is to have quick look back to the previous year, and to list a few resolutions.

I am proud of my achievements in 2012. It was my first year running my own business, and I survived!

It feels good to now be in full swing of running my own design studio, and I hope that 2013 brings as many changes and opportunities as the previous year.

In 2013, I plan to get a little better at asking for help. I tend to try and do everything myself, but I am starting to learn that there are just not enough hours in a day to get everything done alone!

I plan to spend a bit  more of my free time trying to welcome social media into my day-to-day routine. Over the past year I have quickly come to realise that this is integral to any new business, and although I have already given it a bit of a go, it is not quite sitting naturally with me yet.

I have always been a little slow on the uptake when it comes to technology or the internet. I was one of those people that bought a mobile phone about five years later than everyone else.

With the help of my wonderful new IPhone, I am now getting into Instagram and Pinterest. However, with Twitter and Facebook, I am definitely a little slow at adjusting to these!

…I think I may need to give this blog more of my attention too.

It may take me a whole year to establish a pattern which works best for me, but I am determined to find ways to use social media effectively that naturally fits into my life and my work, in a way that I can enjoy… it can’t be that hard, surely?

I will let you know in 2014.

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