25th January 2013

One of the things I have been giving more serious thought to this week is my ‘brand’ (hate that word) identity; logo, business stationery, labelling, etc etc.

This is another part of the business process that is definitely still evolving as I go….

I really like the Logo I designed on my website……

Imogen heath logo

… which has also been fine for cushion labels too

But, it has been difficult to get anything printed as the font is too fine for print, embossing etc…. (note to those who are just starting to design logos)

So, I have resolved this by using my signature instead for some of my Artwork.

Imogen Heath Branding

My cushion hang-labels and my fabric book

I know that having two logos is probably a bit confusing…. but, I cant help feeling attached to my original Logo, and I secretly hope that if I continue to use the two, as I have been, no-one will notice!

Having a look around at all the wonderful graphic design that is out there, continually reminds me that in order to make the right impression, and deliver the right message about your business,  the graphic design for all your marketing needs to be consistent and deserves careful consideration!

Having given it a good go myself, I have found that this is a seriously hard thing to-do, and I should probably have left this job to the professionals!  Graphic design is definitely so much more than just having a designers eye, and knowing your way round a few computer programs.

But, perhaps I am over-thinking it all. My requirements are so simple, and  perhaps I am not actually doing such a bad job. Maybe its all about confidence and practice. After all, I think I am just one or two business cards away to cracking it..

………..come to think of it, there are still one or two things about the look of this blog that may need changing too….

What do you think?

Here are a few beautiful ideas found on pinterest, which I think I may have to try:




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